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Organic - California Style

California has always been trendsetting, especially when it comes to food. Now California is leading the "new" charge in eating healthier, "clean" foods. Knowing what's in the food you eat, and eliminating unnecessary items such as preservatives and pesticides is just plain smart.

Fresh bagels, made with high quality 100% Organic ingredients and toppings are hard to find (inside or outside of California). Therefore, we've created our own style here in Cali: no preservatives, no refined sugar, no GMOs or hard-to-pronounce additives in our bagel mixes.

Avoiding refined sugar should be a priority for consumers as well; we don't add sugar to our dough, substituting California sourced Organic Date Syrup instead.

If you are a foodservice provider or retail store dedicated providing its customers with "clean" and delicious food, then CaliBagels' products are a must-have for you.

We are currently taking orders for the San Diego region. All orders are delivered frozen.

Your support of our efforts is appreciated!

Phil Gorman, Founder