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Is Eating Organic Foods Healthier?

The health benefits you gain with a diet of organic products and health foods have as much to do with what you’re not putting in your body as what you are. Certain organic foods are more nutrient rich than their conventional counterparts; there is also a notable health benefit as a result of avoiding the pesticides used in conventional farming. Yes, you’re making a difference in your health when you go organic.

Eating organic limits your exposure to nasty pesticides and fertilizers

Organic foods must be grown without the aid of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. These common artificial substances in conventional farming function to protect foods from crop destroying insects and produce higher volume harvests. When consumed over long periods of time, these materials put carcinogens, heavy metals, and toxins in your foods that can produce a variety of health problems including some cancers, diseases, and developmental problems. Organic foods are grown without most of these substances, therefore by choosing organic foods you are greatly limiting your exposure to these potentially harmful materials. 

Organic farming greatly reduces environmental impacts

Conventional farming affects the surrounding ecosystem with the artificial pesticides and fertilizers used. Beneficial insects like bees, which pollinate the foods we eat and are also important to crops consumed by other animals, may also be harmed by these materials. This is a major contributing factor to the well-documented, sharp decline of the bee population. 

Unfortunately, certain pesticides are designed to move through the soil; their movement is not limited to the soil the target crops are growing in.

Pesticides easily transfer to natural water supplies, adjacent farms, and throughout the local environment. When you purchase and consume organic foods, you’re supporting the farms and people that are helping to conserve the health and beauty of our natural world. 

More nourishing, nutrient rich ingredients are grown by Organic Farms

Believe it or not, not all foods are grown to be as nourishing as nature intended them to be. Going organic increases the benefits you’re getting out of your food.

Crop rotation gives soil a season to replenish itself with new organic material. By using natural, regenerative fertilization techniques like composting, organic farms maintain more nutrient rich soil, which in turn produces more nutrient rich foods. In order to maximize production, conventional farming doesn’t accept new organic material well. As a result, the soil is degraded, lacks nutrients, and is more susceptible to the negative effects of drought. 

To solve this, conventional farmers use chemical fertilizers to compensate for the degraded soil. Over time, this land becomes unusable for organic farming methods. The nutrient gap between organically grown and conventionally grown foods varies greatly. It is now generally accepted that organic foods are more nutrient rich thanks to numerous respected studies.

Currently the ingredients we use at Cali Bagels are certified organic. We are in the process of gaining USDA Organic certification for all of our own products so we can bring verified simple, safe and nutritious goodness to the lives of as many people as we can!